All This Making Love – Bee Gees Song Chord/Tab and Lyric

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All This Making Love – Bee Gees Song Chord/Tab and Lyric
Artist: Bee Gees
Album/Category: Main Course (1975)

Bee Gees – All This Making Love
Intro: Dm D

About an hour or more, when I go upstairs, you can read between the lines
I can make it to the top, but then I gotta stop
But I’m all righ[Dm/C#]t, I’m r[Dm/C]eally fine[Dm/B]
It’s just the wine and [Dm/A]all this making love
In a day or so, it’ll really show, gonna wear me to the ground
It’s just the way it goes, she keeps me on my toes
But I’m all[Dm/C#] right, and s[Dm/C]hould I mi[Dm/B]nd
It’s just the wine and all [Dm/A]this making love
And I can't keep still, gonna make a will, ’cause I'm losing all my hair
I try to make it seem it isn’t just a dream
And I’m all righ[Dm/C#]t, I’m almost[Dm/C] there[Dm/B]
It isn’t fair to wake up al[Dm/A]l this making love

[Dm/C#] [Dm/C] [Dm/B]
[Dm/C#] G[Dm/C]m etc[Dm/B]…
I get pleasure and pain, it’s a gravy train, it’s a wonderland, it’s a ride
And the rumor is I’m told, she’s really got a hold
And I’m all [Dm/C#]right, I’m re[Dm/C]ally fine[Dm/B]
It’s just the wine and al[Dm/A]l this making love
She’ll be making me strung by the tip of my tongue like a tiger in a cage
She’s got me up a wall, I’m slowing to a crawl
I’m all rig[Dm/C#]ht, I’m reall[Dm/C]y fine[Dm/B]
It’s just the wine[Dm/A] and all this making love.
Too much too much too much too much…[Dm/C#][Dm/C][Dm/B]

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