Alone – Bee Gees Song Chord/Tab and Lyric

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Alone – Bee Gees Song Chord/Tab and Lyric
Artist: Bee Gees
Album/Category: Still Waters (1997)

> C
1. I was a midnight rider on a cloud of smoke,
I could make a woman hang on every single stroke,
I was an iron man, I had a master plan, but I was alone.

2. I could hear you breathing with a sigh of the wind,

I remember how your body started tremblin’,
oh what a night it’s been! And for the state I’m in,
I’m still alone.

And all the wonders made for the Earth ,
And all the hearts in all creation,
somehow I always end up alone, ( end up alone.

So I play, I’ll wait ’cause you know that love takes time.
We came so close, just the beat of a lonely heart.
e F ~

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