Baby Grand – Billy Joel Song Chord/Tab and Lyric

Baby Grand – Billy Joel Piano, Guitar, Ukulele Chord/Tab and Lyric
Artist: Billy Joel
Album/Category: The Bridge (1986)

Baby Grand

G[Bb7-Bm7]m7, Bb/C [F/A]

Late at night
When it's dark and cold
[Cm/Eb] I reach out
[C/E] For some[D/F#]one to hold

When I'm blue
[D/F#] When I'm lonely
[Gm/F] She comes through
She's th[E7/Ab]e only one who can
My baby grand
C7 Aaug D7 Gm7 C7
Is all I need

In my time
I've wandered everywhere
[Cm/Eb] Around this world
[C/E] She would[D/F#] always be there

Any day
[D/F#] Any hour
[Gm/F] All it takes
Is the [E7/Ab]power in my hands
This baby grand's
Been good to me

I've had friends
But they've slipped away
[Cm/Eb] I've had fame
[C/E] But it d[D/F#]oesn't stay

I've made fortunes
[D/F#] Spent them fast enough
[Gm/F] As for women
They don't[E7/Ab] last with just one man
But baby grand
Will stand by me

Oh they say, no one's gonna play this on the radio
They said that melancholy blues were dead and gone
But only songs like these, played in minor keys
Keep those memories holding on

I've come far
From the life I've strayed in
[Cm/Eb] And I've got the scars
[C/E]From those dives [D/F#]I've played in

Now I'm home
[D/F#] And I'm weary
[Gm/F] And in my bones
Every dre[E7/Ab]ary one night stand
But baby grand
Came home with me

Ever sin[C/E]ce this [D/F#]gig began
My baby grand's
Been good to me[F/A]

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