Big Man on Mulberry Street – Billy Joel Song Chord/Tab and Lyric

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Big Man on Mulberry Street – Billy Joel Piano, Guitar, Ukulele Chord/Tab and Lyric
Artist: Billy Joel
Album/Category: The Bridge (1986)

Why can't I lay low[C/F]
Why can't I say what I [C/F]mean
Why don't I stay h[C/F]ome
And get myself into some [C/F]boring routine

Why can't I calm down
Why is it always a fight
I can't get unwound
Why do I throw myself into the night

(G7 F13) x 3

I'm on the outside[C/F]
I don't fit into the [C/F]groove
Now I ain't a bad guy[C/F]
So tell me what am I [C/F]trying to prove

Why can't I cool out
Why don't I button my lip
Why do I lash out
Why is it I always shoot from the hip

I cruise from Houston to [Dmaj7/2+]canal street
A misfit and a rebel
I see the winds talking to them[Dmaj7/2+]selves
And I can understand[Em7/4-]
Why is it every time I go out
I always seem to get in trouble
I guess I made an impression on [Am/D]somebody
North of Hester and south of grand

(G7 F13) x 3

And so in my small [C/F]way
I'm a big man on Mulberry [C/F]street
I don't mean all da[C/F]y
Only at night when I'm [C/F]light on my feet

What else have I got
That I'd be trying to hide
Maybe a blind spot
I haven't seen from the sensitive side

[Dmaj7/2+] [Em7/4-]

(G7 F13) x 4

But you know in my own he[C/F]art
I'm a big man on Mulberry [C/F]street
I play the whole [C/F]part
I leave a big tip with [C/F]every receipt

I'm so romantic
I'm such a passionate man
Sometimes I panic
What if nobody finds out who I am

[(G7]Repea[F13)]t and Fade out

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