Circles – George Harrison Song Chord/Tab and Lyric

Circles – George Harrison Piano, Guitar, Ukulele Chord/Tab and Lyric
Artist: George Harrison
Album/Category: Gone Troppo (1982)

"Circles" (Capo: 7th. fret)

Intro: Bbm—F7—E/B—A(no 3rd.)


Friends come and friends go
As [Asus/B-Asus]I go round and [E/G#]round in circles


Love someone[/F] change your mind
Decide he was a swine
As you go round and round in circles


He who k[C/B]nows does not [C/Bb]speak
He who speaks does n[Dm/C#]ot know[Dm/C—Dm/B]
And I go round in circles


Dislike someone and will not bend
[Fsus/C]Later they m[Fsus/Bb]ay become y[F/A]our best friend
As [Asus/B]life it goes a[E/G#-E]round in circles




He who k[C/B]nows does n[C/Bb]ot speak
He who speaks does n[Dm/C#]ot know[Dm/C]
And I [Dm/B]know that I go round in circles


Soul takes on a body with each birth we make our date
With life and death along the road the soul reincarnates
The [Asus/E]show goes round and round in circles


When[Bm/F] loss and gain and [Fsus/C]up and down
Be[Asus/B]comes the same, then w[E/G#]e stop going in circles


[Asus/B-Asus] Round and r[E/G#-E]ound in circles
Round and [Asus/B]round and [Asus-E/G#-E]round, go circles (Repeat)

go [Asus/B-Asus-E/G#-E]circles, go circles
Round and [Asus/B]round and [Asus-E/G#-E]round, go circles


go circles
("-" is for chords that are a little too close to one another)

(Also, with lines 3 & 4 in the "Ending" being identical to lines 1 & 2, thought it best to just replace them with (Repeat) Too many chords with different bass notes just gets blurry after awhile.

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