Evening Wind – Scorpions Song Chord/Tab and Lyric

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Evening Wind – Scorpions Piano, Guitar, Ukulele Chord/Tab and Lyric
Artist: Scorpions
Album/Category: In Trance (1975)

Scorpions – Evening wind
album: In trance 1975
Music: Ulrich Roth
Lyrics: Ulrich Roth


Tuning: Eb

intro: D5 A5 Bb5 F5 D5 A5 Bb5 F5

[(] [Dm/C] [Dsus2/B] [Dsus2/Bb] [Dsus2/A] [)]
Summer day is gone

Listen[Dm/C] to the evening wind

Sing[Dsus2/B]ing tunes of tamarind

[Dsus2/Bb]Into the s[Dsus2/A]etting……..sun

You lie in t[Dm/C]wilight sleep

Dreaming c[Dsus2/B]olours deep

[Dsus2/Bb]Today all [Dsus2/A]life…… is gone!

Music: Dm Dm/C Dsus2/B Dsus2/Bb Dsus2/A Dm
[(] [-] [-] [-] [-] [-] [)]

Look at the golden chalice

Plight br[Dm/C]oken on the ground

[Dsus2/B]Green fire blazin' 'r[Dsus2/Bb]ound

[Dsus2/A]Where are your friends?

You see [Dm/C]all hope

Lying [Dsus2/B]broken on the slope

[Dsus2/Bb]Today….a[Dsus2/A]ll life is…gone!

Music: D5 – C5 – B5 – Bb5 – A5 – D5

Rhythm: [ D5 ->(A) C ->(G) B ->(F#) ] [ A -> C -> F -> D ]
[ D5 ->(A) C ->(G) B ->(F#) ] [ A -> C -> F -> D ]

Have you listened to the evening wind
to the center wind and it's through
have you a listened and you will see my friends
wind is telling you the truth …

Last solo: D5 – C5 – B5 – Bb5 – A5 – D5 / D5 – C5 – B5 – Bb5 – A5 – D5
D5 – C5 – B5 – Bb5 – A5 – D5 / D5 – C5 – B5 – Bb5 – A5 – D5

[Dm/C] [Dsus2/B] [Dsus2/Bb] [Dsus2/A]

Eb|—X–X–X–X—X–X–X—1—1—-| Eb|——O——O——–O——|
Bb|—X–X–X–X—X–X–X—3—3—-| Bb|——3——3——–3——|
Gb|—7–5–4–3—X–X–9—2—2—-| Gb|——2——2——–2——|
Db|—7–5–4–3—7–3–9—O—O—-| Db|——O——O——–O——|
Ab|—5–3–2–1—7–3–7—X—3—-| Ab|——2——1——–O——|
Eb|—O–O–O–O—5–1–O—X—X—-| Eb|——X——X——–X——|

special thank's to Uli john roth – great solo for this song
so many blues & harmonic minor solo – In trance 1975

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