Home – Alan Jackson Song Chord/Tab and Lyric

Home – Alan Jackson Piano, Guitar, Ukulele Chord/Tab and Lyric
Artist: Alan Jackson
Album/Category: Here in the Real World (1990)

Intro: C F C F

(Verse 1)
In a small town in Georgia, over forty years ago
Her maiden name was Musick until she met that Jackson boy
They married young like folks did then, not a penny to their name
But they believed the one you vowed to love
Should always stay the same

(Verse 2)
On the land his daddy gave them a foundation underway
For a love to last forever or until their dying day
They built a bond that was strong enough to stand the test of time
And a place for us to turn to when our lives
Where in a bind

And they made their house from a tool shed
Granddaddy ro[F/C]lled down on two logs
And they built walls all around it and they [F/C]made
That house a home
And they taught us about good living
They taught us right from wrong
Lord theyll never be another place in this world
That I'll call home

(Verse 3)

My mama raised five children, four girls then their was me
She found her strength with faith in God and love of family
She never had a social life, home was all she knew
Except the time she took a job to pay a bill or two

(Verse 4)

My daddy skinned his knuckles on the cars that he repaired
He never earned much money, but he gave us all he had
He never made the front page but he did the best he could
And folks drove their cars from all around
To let him look underneath the hood

(Repeat Chorus)
F C (one strum) G (one strum)
No there'll never be another place in this world
That I'll call home

the end

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