I Need You – America Song Chord/Tab and Lyric

I Need You – America Piano, Guitar, Ukulele Chord/Tab and Lyric
Artist: America
Album/Category: America (1971)

This is to correct the missing chord ( G7[/ch] ) in the Verse of this song submitted by

We [A[/ch]]used to laugh
We [Amaj7[/ch]]used to cry
[Em7[/ch]] We used to [G7[/ch]]bow[Dm7[/ch]] our heads, then
[C[/ch]] wonder why
But [A[/ch]]now you're gone
I guess I'll[Amaj7[/ch]] carry on
[Em7[/ch]] And make the [G7[/ch]]best[Dm7[/ch]] of what you [C[/ch]]left to me
[Fmaj7[/ch]]Left to me, [D7[/ch]]left to me

I ne[G[/ch]]ed you
Like the fl[Em[/ch]]ower needs the rain
You know I ne[Bm[/ch]]ed you
Guess I'll [Am7[/ch]]start it all again[D7[/ch]]
You know I ne[G[/ch]]ed you
Like the wi[Em[/ch]]nter needs the spring
You know I ne[Bm[/ch]]ed you
I need you

And [A[/ch]]every day
I'd laugh the [Amaj7[/ch]]hours away
[Em7[/ch]] Just knowing [G7[/ch]]you[Dm7[/ch]] were thinking of [C[/ch]]me
[A[/ch]]Then it came
That I was[Amaj7[/ch]] put to blame
[Em7[/ch]] For every [G7[/ch]]story[Dm7[/ch]] told abou[C[/ch]]t me
[Fmaj7[/ch]]About me, abou[D7[/ch]]t me

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