Ignorance – Paramore Song Chord/Tab and Lyric

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Ignorance – Paramore Piano, Guitar, Ukulele Chord/Tab and Lyric
Artist: Paramore
Album/Category: brand new eyes (2009)

Brand New Eyes
2009 Fueled By Ramen Records

key: D

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Bm – x24432
D – xx0232
G – 320033
A – x02220
Em – 022000

Intro: Bm-D-Bm-D-G-D-G-D- x2

Verse 1:
if i'm a bad person
you don't like me
i guess i'll
make my own way
it's a circle
a mean cycle
i can't excite you anymore
where's your gavel? your jury?
what's my offense this time?
you're not a judge
but if you're gonna judge me
well sentence me to another life

don't wanna hear your sad songs
i don't wanna feel your pain
when you swear it's all my fault
cause you know we're not the
same we're not the same
oh we're not the same
the friends who stuck together
we wrote our names in blood
but i guess you can't accept
that the change is good
G Em– x2
it's good it's good it's good

you treat me just like
another stranger
well it's nice to meet
you sir i guess i'll go
i best be on my way out

Post Chorus:
ignorance is your new best friend
ignorance is your new best friend

Verse 2:
this is the best thing
that could've happened
any longer and i
wouldn't have made it
it's not a war no
it's not a rapture
i'm just a person
but you can't take it
the same tricks that
once fooled me
they won't get
you anywhere
i'm not the same kid
now i can fend for myself

(Repeat Refrain)
(Repeat chorus)
(Repeat Post Chorus twice)

Guitar Solo: Bm–G-Em-G

(Repeat Chorus)

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