Line 'em Up – James Taylor Song Chord/Tab and Lyric

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Line 'em Up – James Taylor Piano, Guitar, Ukulele Chord/Tab and Lyric
Artist: James Taylor
Album/Category: Hourglass (1997)

Capo 3rd

I remember Richard Nixon back in seventy four
And the final scene at the White House door
And the staff lined up to say good-bye
Tiny tear in his shifty little eye
[A/D]He said nobody knows me,
Nobody understands
[A/D]These little people were good to me
Oh I'm gonna shake some hands

Somebody line 'em up
Line 'em all up
Line 'em up
Line 'em all up
Line 'em up
Line 'em all up
Line 'em up
Line 'em all up[(Em7)]



[(Em7)]Oh I've seen [F#7(#5)]corn in Kansas[A/B]
And I've seen picket [D/F#]fences[D/F#]
And certain co[F#7(#5)]wboy dances[A/B][G/B]
I've gone lining up[D/F#] for shows[D/F#]
I've been safely placed [F#7(#5)]in rows[A/B]
Sure I know how it [D/F#]goes[D/F#]

Verse 3
Verse 4

E9: 024100
F#7(#5): 2x233x
F#m11: 2×2200
C#7: x4340x
A/D: xx0220

This tab was written by CC_ on Nov. 03 2006,7:13. I spent days scouring the net
for it and couldn't find it anywhere. I found it uploaded by CC in a forum. All I
can say is Thanks and I hope by uploading it here your efforts will be further thanked.

Cheers again
From Will

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