Mud Slide Slim – James Taylor Song Chord/Tab and Lyric

Mud Slide Slim – James Taylor Piano, Guitar, Ukulele Chord/Tab and Lyric
Artist: James Taylor
Album/Category: Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon (1971)


G(no 3rd) – 3×0030
D/F# – 2×0230
Bm9 – 020220
Dmaj7/F# – 2X0220
A/B – X2X220

G A-D/F#-Bm9 E Bm9 E Bm9-E-Dmaj7/F#-Bm9-E

Mud slide slim_____ and the blue ho-ri - zon[-][Dmaj7/F#][-][-]
Oh, mud sli[D/E]de, Im de-[D/E]pend-ent on you

I dont know__ but Ive____ been told
there's a time from time___ to time___
I cant eat___ I cant sleep
But I just__ might move___ my feet
cause theres noth – ing like
The sound of sweet soul mu – sic
To change a young la – dys mind
And theres noth – ing like a
Walk on down____ by the bay – ou
To leave the world be – hind
Mud slide______[-]__[D/E]____[-]_________ Im de-p[D/E]end-ing up-on__ you
Mis-ter mud___ slide [D/E]slim_________ and t[D/E]he blue hor-iz-on

Ive been let – ting the time__[A/B] go by___ (A/B – X2X220)
Let – ting the time__[A/B] go by____
D A A/B E (Dmaj7/F# – 2X0220)
Yes, Im let – ting the time__ go by
Let – ting the time_[Dmaj7/F#]_ go by___

Im gon – na cash in my hand____ and
Pick up on a piece of land
And build myself a cab – in back in the woods
Lord, its there Im gon – na stay
Un - til there comes a day
When this old world___ starts to chang – ing for the good
Now the rea – son Im smil – ing is o – ver on a is - land
On a hill – side in the woods__ where I____ be – long
I wan – na thank jim – my, jim – my, john, nick___ and lau – rie
The no jets con – struct – ion for set - ting
Me down a home - stead on___ the farm__
Mud slide_______[D/E]_______________ Im de – p[D/E]end – ing up – on you
Mister mud slide[D/E]____ slim___ and [D/E]the blue ho - ri – zon


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