Ring Them Bells – Bob Dylan Song Chord/Tab and Lyric

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Ring Them Bells – Bob Dylan Song Chord/Tab and Lyric
Artist: Bob Dylan
Album/Category: Other Songs


Ring them Bells – Bob Dylan Song Chord/Tab and Lyric


Tabbed by: maguri
Tuning: Standard

Bob Dylan
Ring them Bells (1989)
(Bob Dylan)

From: “Oh Mercy”

Following the main vocal line, Dylan plays a lot of changes on the piano on
his recording that are hard to do on a guitar. I skipped most of them for
this tab and stuck to the underlying chord (mostly C).



F/A [E-A-D-G-B-E]x-0-3-2-1-1
G/B x-2-0-0-3-3
F/G 3-x-3-2-1-1

Abaug 4-x-2-1-1-x
C/G 3-x-2-0-1-0
(ch)D9/F#(/ch) 2-x-0-2-1-0
Fmaj7 (t)1-3-3-2-1-0
C/E 0(3)2-0-1-0


Capo 1st fret

| C | C G | Am | Am F/A G/B | C | % |

Ring them bells, ye heathen
From the [F/A]city that dreams
Ring them bells from the sanctuaries
?Cross the [F/G]valleys and streams
For they?re deep and they?re wide
And the world?s on its side
And time is running backwards
And [F/G]so is the bride

| F/A F/A G/B | C | % |

Ring them bells St. Peter
Where the [F/A]four winds blow
Ring them bells with an iron hand
So the [F/G]people will know
Oh it?s rush hour now
On the wheel and the plow
And the sun is going down
Upon the [F/G]sacred cow

| F/A F/A G/B | C | % |

Ring them bells Sweet Martha
For the [F/G]poor man?s son
Ring them bells so the world will know
That God is one
Oh the shepherd is asleep
Where the willows weep
And the mountains are filled
With [F/G]lost sheep

Ring them bells for the blind and the deaf
Ring them bells for all of us who are left
Am Abaug
Ring them bells for the chosen few
C/G (ch)D9/F#(/ch)
Who will judge the many when the game is through
Ring them [F(maj7)]bells, for the time that [C/E]flies
For the child that cries
When innocence [F/G]dies

Ring them bells St. Catherine
From the [F/G]top of the room
Ring them from the fortress
For the [F/G]lilies that bloom
Oh the lines are long
And the fighting is strong
And they?re breaking down the distance
Between [F/G]right and wrong

| G | F | G | F |
| C | % | F/G C

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