Secret Love – Bee Gees Song Chord/Tab and Lyric

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Secret Love – Bee Gees Song Chord/Tab and Lyric
Artist: Bee Gees
Album/Category: High Civilization (1991)

When do I Cry

This breaking heart

Just hurts me more

When we’re apart

And there are two of us

With our secret love

Sleep pretty baby while you wait so long

Living with a love that’s not just make believe

Lonely night, I see your candle glow

And in my mind, I trace

Together we can take away the time and the space

Baby when you got a secret love

Every little touch is not enough

Every little moment we’re apart

Is pain to me

Maybe we can find some hideaway

Everybody knows but who can say

Secretly you know I’d follow

Anywhere to make you happy

Anyway you want me I’ll be

Standing by

I don’t wanna lose the one

I hunger for

Naked eyes,they watch us


Nowhere to run, I cry

Everything to lose and no alibi

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