Steamroller – James Taylor Song Chord/Tab and Lyric

Steamroller – James Taylor Piano, Guitar, Ukulele Chord/Tab and Lyric
Artist: James Taylor
Album/Category: Sweet Baby James (1970)

This song was written and performed by James Taylor. As many hardcore
country music fans know, James influenced many country and western
performers, including Garth Brooks. James Taylor is from the northeast ( New
England States) so is not normally associated with popular country music.
For you younger folks who might not be familiar with JT, You own it to
yourselves to go get a CD and listen to it and youll understand why Hes a
musicians, musician. This is the words and chords to this song as I
interpret it, ………..Pat Bogan

Play this song with a slow blues Beat.


James Taylor

Well, Im a steam roll-er, babe,– Im bound to roll all over you.
Yes, Im a steam roll-er, now

-babe, Im bound to roll__ all over you___________ Im gon-na
in-ject your soul with some

sweet rock and roll________and shoot you full of rhythm and blues._____

Well, Im a cement mix-er A churn-ing urn of burning funk_
Yes, Im a ce-ment

mixer for you, babe,_____ A churning urn of burnin funk

Well, Im a De-mo-li-tion der-by,__ yea!__ A heft-y hunk of
steaming junk.

Now, Im a na-palm bomb, babe, just guar-an_teed to blow your
mind.___ G7 G7(+9)

Yea, Im a na-palm bomb___ for you , ba – by,___
Whoa_____guar-an -teed, just____Guar_

an [(+9)]- teed__ to blow your mind, yea.___ If I cant have your
love for my own__now,__

sweet child, wont be noth-ing left be-hind___. It seems like lately,
babe,__ got a bad case of

steam roller blues.[G7(+9)]

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