Sweet Scarlet – Cat Stevens Song Chord/Tab and Lyric

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Sweet Scarlet – Cat Stevens Song Chord/Tab and Lyric
Artist: Cat Stevens
Album/Category: Catch Bull at Four (1972)

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Date: 24/02/2000 From: DJ E-mail:[email protected]



Verse 1
Once she came in-to my room, feathered hat, and all,
Wearing a warm wool shawl wrapped a-round her should-ers. Two eyes like lights,
Milky marble whites looking up at me, looking for a way,
Moons in an endless day. And all I knew was with her then,
No, couldn't see the time,as we drank down the wine to the last sweet scar-let

Verse 2
How was I to wonder why, or even question this? Underneath her kiss,
I was so un-guard-ed . Every bottle's empty now, and all those dreams are gone,
Ah, but the song goes on so ho-ly

Verse 3
She was so much younger then, wild like the wind, a gypsy with a grin,
From an old far away coun-try, but deep beneath her curls,
Be-neath this misty pearl, there was more to see. She could move mountains
in the dark, as silent as a knife, she cut loose a life that she never,
No, never really want-ed. All those days are frozen now, and all those scars
are gone, ah, but the song carries on so ho-ly

Verse 4

Come let us drink again, be-fore the second show,
I want you so to know ,there's no bridge be-tween us,
All those gates have opened now, and through the light has shone,
ah, but the song carries on so ho-ly

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