Tears Of The World – George Harrison Song Chord/Tab and Lyric

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Tears Of The World – George Harrison Piano, Guitar, Ukulele Chord/Tab and Lyric
Artist: George Harrison
Album/Category: Other Songs




War mongers—terrorize us all,
Our leaders h[F/C]eed us to their call.
Stone–-wallin, voices calling,
Drowning in the tears of the [Dm—A7]world.


Big business calling ev'ry tune,
Polluting h[F/C]ere and to the moon.
All—--nations, conservations,
Drowning in the tears of the world.


But your lives worth saving,
We should start behaving
Like the truth's been told by saviours through our time.
Your downfall, you'll bring it on yourselves.


All warnings fall upon deaf ears,
Their scorn comp[F/C]ounding my worst fears.
Bbmaj.7 A7 F A7
No way out, hopeless souls shout,
Drowning in the tears of the [Dm—-A7]world.



(Drowning in the tears of the world)
Tears of the world.



Where's your love been sleeping?
Has your heart been weeping
Over all unrighteous action in the world
Where bad jazz seems all they're laying down?


No use in turning your blind eye,
You feel the h[F/C]eat as you fry.

Try—--your best, you'll find no rest,
Drowning in the tears of the [Dm—-/C]world.


It's a sure bet, each pays his debts,
Drowning in the tears of the w[Dm—A7]orld.

Dm——A7 (Repeat to fade)



1981 / WB having rejected his new album "Somewhere In England", Harrison, back at the
drawing board, once again found himself in the recording studio re-touching & composing 4
songs to replace the 4 pulled from the album, This was one of the songs pulled & along
the other 3, can be found on:

1.George Harrison "Pirate Songs"
2.George Harrison "Completed Rarities Vol. 1
3.George Harrison "Somewhere In England"
( original version and track list w/ bonus tracks )

All which I won on eBay years ago but may now be available in some stores. Can also be
on "Youtube"

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