There We Are – James Taylor Song Chord/Tab and Lyric

There We Are – James Taylor Piano, Guitar, Ukulele Chord/Tab and Lyric
Artist: James Taylor
Album/Category: JT (1977)


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#There We Are
#Words and Music by James Taylor
#(c) 1977, 1978 Country Road Music
#Listen to me and I'll sing you a song
and the time will go by till you never know where it's [F/G]gone
Talk to me and I'll [F/Bb]tell you my life [E/A]story
Walk with me and I'll [F/G]tell you my dreams of [G/C]glory
There we are
Walking h[F/Bb]and in hand, somewhere[F/Bb] on the [G/C]sand
at the end of the land and the edge of the [A7-9]shining [F/Bb]sea [F#/B]

Drifting through time and space on the face of
a little blue ball falling around the [F/G]sun
One in a [F/Bb]million billion t[E/A]winkling lights shining out for no one
[F/G] in the [G/C]middle of the night
Here we are
sparks in[F/Bb] the darkness, speaking o[F/Bb]f our lo[G/C]ve
burning down forever [A7-9]and fore[F/Bb]ver [–] [F#/B] [G/C] [G#/C#]

[A/D]Oh I don't know if I [G/A]told you but you hold my heart in your [F/G]hand
And I [G/C]found out something a[F/G]bout you;
baby, without you, I'm a [F/Bb]lonely ma[E/A]n [F/Bb] [F#/B]

So though I never say that I love you,
I love you, darling I do, Carly I do love [F/G]you
And though we are as [F/Bb]nothing to the [E/A]stars that shine above
You are my universe; [F/G]you are my [G/C]love
Here we are
like childre[F/Bb]n forever, taking care of [F/Bb]one an[G/C]other
While the world goes on without us [A7-9]all aro[F/Bb]und us
[F/Bb] [F#/B] [G/C] [G#/C#] [A/D] [Bb/Eb] [B/E] [C/F]
[—–] C69: x32233
F/Bb: x13211
E/A: x02100
G/C: x35433
A7-9: x02323
F#/B: x24322
G/A: x05433
A/D: xx0220

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