This Night – Billy Joel Song Chord/Tab and Lyric

This Night – Billy Joel Piano, Guitar, Ukulele Chord/Tab and Lyric
Artist: Billy Joel
Album/Category: An Innocent Man (1983)

Didn?t I say I wasn?t ready for romance
Didn?t we promise we would only be friends
And so we danced, though it was only a slow dance
I started breaking my promises right there and then

Didn?t I swear there would be no complications
Didn?t you want someone who?s seen it all before
Now that you?re here, it?s not the same situation
Suddenly I don?t remember the rules anymore

This n[C/E]ight is m[F/A]ine[C/G]
It?s on[C/E]-ly you and I
Tomorrow is a long time away
This night can last for[Gm/Bb]ever

I?ve been around, someone like me should know better
Falling in love would be the worst thing I could do
Didn?t I say I needed time to forget her
Aren?t you running from someone who?s not over you

How many nights have I been lonely without you
I tell myself how much I really don?t care
How many nights have I been thinking about you
Wanting to hold you but knowing you would not be there

This n[C/E]ight you?re m[F/A]ine[C/G]
It?s on-[C/E]ly you and I
I?ll tell you to forget yesterday
This night we are toget[Gm/Bb]her

This n[F/A]ight is m[Bb/D]ine[F/C]
It?s on-[F/A]ly you and I
Tomorrow is such a long time away
This night can last for[Cm/Eb]ever

[F/A] [Bb/D] [F/C]
Tomorrow is a long time away
This night can last forever

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