Until the Night – Billy Joel Song Chord/Tab and Lyric

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Until the Night – Billy Joel Piano, Guitar, Ukulele Chord/Tab and Lyric
Artist: Billy Joel
Album/Category: 52nd Street (1978)

I never ask you where you go
After I leave you in the morning
We go our different ways
to seperate situations
It's not [C/E]that easy anymore

Today I do what must be done
I give my time to total strangers
But now it feels as though
The day goes on forever
More than [C/E]it ever did before[F/G]

Until the night, until the night. whoa___ I just might make it
Until the night, until the nigh[C/E]t__________when I see you again (F Dm C the last time)

Now you're afraid that we have changed
And I'm afraid we're getting older
So many broken hearts
So many lonely faces
So ma[C/E]ny lovers come and gone

I'll have my fears like any man
You'll have your tears like every woman
Today we'll be unsure
Is this what we believe in?
And w[C/E]onder how can we go on [F/G] GO TO CHORUS

[Am7/D] [Eb/G]


mm____[Eb/G]_mm mm mm__ mm mm_________ mm______ mm____________
When the sun goes dow[Eb/G]n and the day is over
When the last of the light has gone
As they pour into the [Eb/G]street I will be getting closer
As the cars turn their headlights on
As they're closin it down I'm gonna open it up
And while they're going to sleep [F/A]we'll just be [G/B]starting to touch
I'm just beginning to feel I'm just beginning to give
I'm just beginning to feel [F/A]I'm just begi[G/B]nning to live
Before I leave you again before the light of the dawn
Before this evening can end [F/A]I have been [G/B]waiting so long


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