Wanted – Alan Jackson Song Chord/Tab and Lyric

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Wanted – Alan Jackson Piano, Guitar, Ukulele Chord/Tab and Lyric
Artist: Alan Jackson
Album/Category: Here in the Real World (1990)

What I've done is listened to the original chord file
and noticed that the chord change was not included in
the file. So I've made the few changes that were
necessary to make the chord file complete. Also I
moved some of the chords where they should be played.
Hope this works!

Kudos to Jesse Williams for without your work I
couldn't have even begun to find the chords to play
the song (as I just learned how to play the guitar!)

Written and sung by: Alan Jackson
>From the CD's: Here in the Real World &
The Greatest Hits Collection

Originally Transcribed by Jesse Williams
resubmitted by Alex Rivera [email protected]

Cappo 3rd fret

Excuse me ma'am can you help me

I need to place an ad with you today

No ma'am tommorow may be too late

I'd like to have it started right away

What's that, no this is personal
I'm not buying or selling anything
Yes ma'am, I know just what to say
I wrote it down, this is how it should read



Wanted, one good-hearted woman

To forgive imperfection

In the man that she [(D)]loved

Wanted, just one chance to tell her

How much he still loves her

He can't be sorry enough


[(A)]What's that, [(D)]no that's all I want to [(A)]say
[(E)]I just hope these few lines get to [(A)]her
[(A)]Yes ma'am, [(D)]she means everythi[(A)]ng
[(E)]I hope she comes back when she reads these w[(A)]ords


Repeat chorus substitute the G C D chords into the A D
E chords
and tag the word wanted.

Lovin the country music!

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