We’re a Happy Family – Ramones,The Undertones Song Chord/Tab and Lyric

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We’re a Happy Family – Ramones,The Undertones Piano, Guitar, Ukulele Chord/Tab and Lyric
Artist: Rocket to Russia (1977)
Album/Category: Rocket to Russia (1977)


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#From: [email protected]
# I thought it was about time to start posting
# Ramones stuff, as they are so simple and such fun to play.
# Also, I can remember them as I sit here and I don't
# need my guitar to refer to!!!
# I'll start with one of my favourites….
# We're a Happy Family – The Ramones.
#Intro: (I shan't annotate the Rhythm, because it's easy to
# work out if you have the track.)
# Power chords, of course !!!
We're a Happy Family,
We're a Happy Family,
We're a Happy Family,
Me, Mom and Daddy!
Verse1 E G
Sitting here in Queens,
eating refried beans,
we're in all the magazines,
gulping down Thorazines,
we ain't got no friends,
our troubles never end,
no Christmas cards to send,
Daddy likes men.
chorus (or verse)
SHIT! I can't remember the other verse, well not all of it!
Anyway, if you like th Ramones then I'm sure you get the
general idea.

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